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Bailliage de Taiwan – Introduction

The Taiwan chapter – Bailliage National de Taiwan – was established in 1977 as the 76th country to join the Chaine. Today we have 70 plus members, mainly in the Taipei Area, where we organize every year 6~9 dinners, some of them black tie, but also some informal gatherings to enjoy together the finest cuisines, accompanied by suitable wines in settings of splendor.

We plan to go at least once out of the Taipei area to visit another city on the Taiwan Island to discover together new cuisines, venues.

Every year the world of the Chaîne organizes a competition to find the best young chef – Jeunnes Commis Rôtisseurs. We started this competition in 2007 and sent 3 years later the first young chef from Taiwan to join the international competition.



The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs has been founded 1950 in Paris.
The Chaîne is originally based on the traditions and practices of the old French royal guild of goose roasters – the goose, a type of poultry, was particularly appreciated during the Middle Ages. Its authority was gradually expanded to include the roasting of all poultry, meat and game. The written history of the guild of “Les Oyers” or “Goose Roasters” has been traced back to the year 1248. At that time King Louis IX assigned Etienne Boileau, the Provost of Paris, with the task of bringing order into the organisation of trades and guilds, developing young apprentices and improving the technical knowledge of guild members. He gathered together the charters of more than 100 of these trades, among them the Goose Roasters.

Over the years, the activities and privileges of the Goose Roasters Guild were extended to preparing and selling all kinds of meat, including poultry and venison. In 1509, during the reign of King Louis XII, some new statutes were introduced, which resulted in the change of the name of the guild to “Rôtisseurs” and its activities were restricted to poultry, game birds, lamb and venison. In 1610, under King Louis XIII, the guild was granted a royal charter and its own coat of arms. The original coat of arms consists of two crossed turning spits and four larding needles, surrounded by flames of the hearth on a shield. For over four centuries the “Confrérie” or brotherhood of the Roasters cultivated and developed culinary art and high standards of professionalism and quality – standards befitting the splendour of the “Royal Table” – until the guild system was disbanded, together with all others, in 1793 during the French Revolution.

The Rôtisseurs were almost forgotten until 1950 when Dr. Auguste Becart, Jean Valby and “Prince” Curnonsky (elected Prince of Gastronomes), and chefs Louis Giraudon and Marcel Dorin resurrected the Society and created La Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

Chaîne Coat of Arms since 1950

For the new Confrérie, a logo was created which used the former historic shield in the centre. It was encircled with fleur-de-lis and two chains, between which the new name of the Society and the foundation dates of 1248 and 1950 were written. The inner chain represents the professional members; the outer chain the non-professional members and the bond, which unites all of the members.

Chaîne Today

Since its rebirth the society has grown dramatically, spreading its influence and presence worldwide. Today, the Chaîne brings together professional (such as chefs, restaurant and hotel owners and managers) and non-professional members from around the world who share in the “spirit” of the Society and who appreciate and enjoy wine and fine dining. This association of people dedicated to fine cuisine, now devotes itself to promoting and developing the gastronomic values whilst at the same time widening its focus to ‘table art’. While a confrérie is a “brotherhood,” women have always been welcome and they take an active role in the Society. By reviving the traditions most deeply rooted in French culture, the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is restoring a heritage that was never really lost. Within the Chaîne there is also the “L’Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs” for those members who have a special knowledge of, or interest in, wine and spirits.

The international headquarters (Siege Mondial) remains in Paris where the society was founded and the present day Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is still based on the traditions and practises of the ancient French brotherhood but now in a truly international and contemporary context.

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